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Animal Welfare Activities

Veterinary Treatment:

All animals rescued by APFL receive veterinary care, including emergency care, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering.  Normally, the first step in APFL’s caring for an animal entering our rescue is a visit with a veterinarian, unless current medical records are provided and verified.  APFL has also been a resource for financial assistance to needy pet owners with insufficient funds for veterinary treatment. 


APFL seeks caring, responsible homes for the animals it rescues.  The pet’s temperament and any special needs are considered in evaluating an applicant for adoption.  Potential adopters are interviewed and are required to sign a contract (copy available) in which they agree to basic standards of care.  A waiting period, follow-up calls and visits are practiced regularly.  APFL does not charge an adoption fee, but does accept donations to help offset expenses.  If an adoption is not successful, the animal must be returned to A Pet For Life, Inc.

Opposing Animal Abuse:

APFL reports cases of animal abuse to proper authorities and assists authorities, when appropriate, in prosecuting those guilty of animal abuse.  APFL may provide eyewitness testimony, photographs of evidence, or testimony at legal proceedings. 


APFL typically provides housing for approximately 12 dogs and 25 cats at its facility in Salisbury, Maryland.  APFL provides safe, clean and comfortable accommodations.  Cats are generally allowed to roam freely within the facility.  Dogs are walked regularly.  Because the facility is adjacent to Pat’s home, it can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Rescued animals are provided with housing in a loving environment for an unlimited period of time.  Euthanasia is used only as a last resort, e.g., to reduce suffering in cases of terminal illness. 

Reduction in Pet Overpopulation:

APFL strongly supports prevention of unwanted litters.  All animals sheltered by APFL are altered. 

Therapy Placement:

APFL believes that companion animals can provide therapy in various settings and welcomes inquiries for placement.  APFL has placed two dogs in the geriatric unit of McCready Memorial Hospital in Crisfield, Maryland.


APFL maintains and develops working relationships with other animal rescue organizations, such as humane societies and veterinary clinics.  APFL also has a longstanding relationship with Defender of Animal Rights in Phoenix, Maryland.


A Pet For Life, Inc., welcomes donations, whether it is monetary, dog/cat supplies and food, or linens no longer useful.  Since all APFL’s directors, officers, and caregivers are volunteers, all donations and grants to APFL are applied directly to animal welfare.  Donations to APFL are tax-deductible in accordance with applicable laws.  IF you would like to make a donation to our organization, please contact us at 410-677-0776 or by email at  Thank you.